Gas Sweetening & Sulfur Recovery Course

Course Description

In this course, you’ll get acquainted with various types of gas sweetening & sulfur recovery processes. You’ll learn about the amine treating units, different types of amines (MEA, DEA, MDEA, etc.), and their differences and pros and cons. Knowing more about the process flow diagram of a typical amine treating unit is another topic that will be touched. Understanding the common operational problems ( e.g. foaming, degradation, corrosion) and the design considerations in an amine unit is another topic. Sulfur recovery processes and the way to choose the most suitable one and knowing more about the Claus unit, incinerators, and the SCOT tail gas handling unit are also covered in this course.

This course is suitable for chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, plant operators, plant engineers/managers and project managers who work in oil & gas industry

Course Syllabus

Lesson 1: Gas Sweetening

  • What is the sweetening process?
  • Typical Specifications of Sales gas
  • Classification of Gas Sweetening Processes
  • Selective or Non-Selective Removal
  • Factors affecting the gas treating process selection
  • Gas sweetening process selection guideline

Lesson 2: Amine Units

  • Chemical Structure of Amines
  • Chemistry of Amine Gas Sweetening
  • Amine Unit Process Flow Diagram
  • Types of Amine: (MEA, DEA, DGA, MDEA, aMDEA, DIPA)

Lesson 3: Amine Unit Operational Problems

  • Corrosion
  • Foaming
  • Degradation
  • Amine Reclaiming

Lesson 4: Amine Unit Design Considerations

  • Equipment Design Considerations:
  • Absorber column
  • Amine flash drum
  • Rich/Lean amine heat exchanger
  • Regenerator column
  • Filtration
  • Design Procedure

Lesson 5: Sulfur Recovery

  • Sulfur Recovery Processes
  • Sulfur Recovery Plant Sizes
  • Sulfur Recovery Process Applicability
  • Sulfur Recovery Block Flow Diagram
  • Sulfur Properties
  • Claus Technology
  • Modified Claus
  • Claus Variations
  • Split flow Claus
  • Acid gas enrichment
  • Oxygen enrichment
  • Claus with direct oxidation
  • Liquid Redox

Lesson 6: Tail Gas Handling

  • Claus Tail Gas Handling
  • Tail Gas Cleanup Processes
  • Shell Claus off-gas Treating (SCOT)
  • Incineration

Course Lectures

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